The Pollen Scholarship: 
How to Turn Your Medical Condition into Free Money for College

There's no reason you can't graduate college debt-free if you suffer from practically any medical condition! Forget about paying for college the old-fashioned way with expensive student loans.

Even if your medical condition is one that you consider to be minor, The Pollen Scholarship is your blueprint to graduating debt-free based on your medical condition. 

Medical-based scholarships are the best kept secret in the world of higher education. Your eligibility for a medical-based scholarship has nothing to do with grades, test scores, or financial means. Your eligibility is only determined by your medical condition. 

Get your copy of this life-changing book today! It could literally save you a fortune in student loan debt!

This step-by-step guide to turning your medical condition into free money for college teaches:

  • How the author paid for his college and law school based on his allergies to pollen.
  • How anyone can apply for a medical-based scholarship in just a few easy steps.
  • What types of medical conditions potentially qualify for eligibility.
  • How to increase your chances of qualifying for a medical-based scholarship before you apply.
  • What documents and materials you will need to begin the application process.
  • When and where to apply in your State.
  • How to use medical-based scholarships to pay for things besides college.
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