The Pollen Scholarship: 
How to Turn Your Medical Condition into Free Money for College

"Laurie borrowed $200,000 for college only to discover later that her medical condition would have qualified for a medical-based scholarship. Laurie could have attended college for free. Don't be like Laurie." 

--Jason White--Author of The Pollen Scholarship

Book Description:

How Anyone Can Get Free Money for College on the Basis of Their Medical Condition!

After failing out of his first college major, Jason realized his true calling was to become an attorney. But to pursue his dream of becoming an attorney, he needed a financial solution to pay for college. That's when he learned about medical-based scholarships which led to him receiving approximately $96,000 on the basis of his medical conditions of asthma and pollen allergies. This allowed him to pursue his law degree and achieve his dream of becoming an attorney. 

The focus of this book is how anyone can turn their medical condition into free money for college. In The Pollen Scholarship, Jason shares the "best-kept secret in higher education" and his inspiring story of going from pizza delivery man to assistant attorney general. 

The Pollen Scholarship contains all the necessary information for students and parents to begin the application process for a medical-based scholarship. This includes: 

* The history of the medical-based scholarship program
* What the program will and will not pay for
* How your eligibility for the program is determined
* How to start the simple application process
* What medical conditions are most likely to qualify
* How to maximize your chances of qualifying before you apply

There is no reason you can't graduate college debt-free if you suffer from practically any medical condition! Forget about paying for college the old-fashioned way with expensive student loans.  

Even if your medical condition is one that you consider to be minor, The Pollen Scholarship is your blueprint to graduating debt-free. Get your copy of this life changing book today. It could literally save you a fortune!



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